About M.T.F.

MTF is a Federation that promotes a high level of Tae Kwon Do competition using state of the art equipment. We are bringing competition to athletes around the world through clinics, seminars, and tournaments with state of the art venues, equipment, top officials, vendors and years of expertise.

MTF is compromised of several components. A committee, an international team , member schools, a store and event organizing (consulting, rentals ,Hosting). Each component serves to bring MTF’s vision to reality.

The main person that is the driving force of MTF is Master De Jesus, a 6th Dan Black Belt in the art of Tae Kwon Do. He has been in the industry since the age of 7, now he keeps MTF on the cutting edge of the industry and pushes Taekwondo to the highest standards.

Master De Jesus has many qualifications including being an international referee, Kukkiwon certified (WTF), Jidokwan certified (Korea), Daedo Truescore Technician among other things.

For More information contact us at:
7373 Davie Rd. Ext Hollywood, Fl 33024
Phone: (305)467-9736

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