2015 Daedo Truescore USA National Team

We are very thankful for all those that participated and lent a helping hand in this years event. It was tons of fun and full of great moments. We are very excited about the future of our sport and what Daedo TrueScore continues to do to advance our competitions. We are already planning on making  the 2015 event even bigger and better. With that said I would like to introduce the 2015  Daedo Truescore USA National Team.


Team members:

15-17 Junior Team Female
Anya Saganoic
Jani-ah McCray
Amber Avroya
Ara White
Marisa Loy

15-17 Junior Team Male
Andrew Gorovoy
Joseph Rodriguiez
Juan Pablo Alvarado
Quinn Simpson
Tyler Malik Kennedy

18-32 Senior Female
Samantha Schmieg
Megan Ford

18-32 Senior male
Jasmel Acosta
Sir Gregory Szlonis
Jermaine James
Kelvin Ortiz

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